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{March 10, 2009}   Calling all GYN’s

GYN’s here is a topic that you probably are not familiar with and yet your whole career revolves around the productive organs of women in particular.  Vaginismus.  I don’t understand why this issue seems to give the GYN’s I’ve met in my area the “I have never heard of that, or I’ve heard of it, but not really familar with it”.

I need to find a woman GYN or doctor whom understands and has assisted other women with Vaginimus on their journey to recovery.  I am sorry if the beginning sounded sarcastic and b*****.  I guess I shouldn’t type about GYN’s on my downward spiral.  I’ve had bad experiences with GYN’s I’ve attempted to use in the past and with counselors.  There is no Physical Therapists near where I live to go see.  So it leaves me where I am.  

I have made several contacts in support groups. They are great. In some weird ways, the members in the group seem closer than the best friends I have in life.  We share some of the most intimate details that aren’t quite things you would discuss with other friends.  They are there to remind you to pick yourself up.  I know though, that when I’m in the deepest spirals of depression the support doesn’t seem quite enough.

I wish there were places where women with Vaginismus could go privately and be able to meet, talk, and be a support.  The internet helps bring a connection that would be missing without it.  But sometimes human contact, a face, a voice, and a location can help make you feel even less lonely or by oneself.

I know that eventually I will find my ladder out of the downward spiral I am in.  I just have to keep on pushing.


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