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Ok, before you get angry seeing the title of this post. I’m not some religious zelot running around telling women not to get treated for Vaginismus. On the contrary,this is to bring to light a belief that I couldn’t believe exists. I was going through my e-mail in my gmail account and came upon a comment someone had posted on another blog. This individual said that Vaginismus is created by God to keep our population down. According to this person, us women, should accept our role as nuns or celibate and be thankful.
According to this person, trying to treat Vaginismus is a waste and is sinful.

So I guess, my sucess with having a son, was a waste? How??? I have a beautiful boy and a gift. How is that a waste? I’m sinning. I guess then I have a place in H*** because I went and got treatment. If you see people like this or hear things, please don’t listen to them. If you have this condition, it is not a thing that destines you to celibacy or becoming a nun. This condition is very treatable and you won’t be going to hell. Just tell the person who says this that they need to do some soul searching and become more educated. This kind of comment shows how ignorant and narrow minded and uneducated they are.


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