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{November 5, 2013}   John Hopkins 2nd Appointment

I had an emotional roller coaster this past Friday at my Johns Hopkins appointment.  My belief and reflection its because I thought that the botox was a for sure go and it would be setting the appointment and thinking that we were one step closer to where we needed to be.  After the appointment there was an additional thing added to the list. I have Vulvydania, Vaginismus, and now they are looking at Pudendal Nuerolgia.  I need to call the doctor who does Nerve blocks to see if I am a good candidate for this.  At first, I was confused by this new condition being presented to me. However, when I was reading up on the symptoms, it would explain the rectal pain. It frustrates me because a huge reason I did the c-section was because I didn’t want to end up with this condition.  However, the obgyn stated that its actually good I didn’t because if I had it during the pregnancy, I would have been bedridden. Still not sure that makes me feel a whole lot better. My husband still thinks we made the best choice. I think what is hard is how much I wanted a natural delivery. To be honest if my body was “normal” I would have loved to have been able to consider a home delivery with no pain medications.  But as my body does its own things and my feelings have robbed me of the options other women get. I’m frustrated.  I need to make the phone call to Johns Hopkins to set up the appointment with the next doctor and need to reschedule my colonoscopy.


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