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{February 4, 2013}   Additional mysterious health issues

This past Thursday led me to taking a non optional emergency leave day from work. I ignored the slight itchiness that I bothered to note to my husband in bed. By the time 10 am rolled around my head, face, back, stomach, and breast were itchy. My paraeducator encouraged me to head to the nurse who informed me I had hives everywhere. She informed me I was having an allergic reaction and that there was large welts on my back. We went through the standard anything new exposure list. Nothing. I was told I had to contact Dr right away and was given two Benydrayl. It helped by the time I was heading to the drs office because the redness on stomach, back, and face had become mild. I didn’t get much other than they don’t know what causes things like this. Went to pick up my sick son from my Mom’s house. By the time I was getting ready to leave the hives were back and by the time I got home I was actually motivated by discomfort to be naked. I was in discomfort and this time the Benadryl only tired me. Did nothing for the itchiness. Since my son had another fever and it was five days we had to contact the doctor who of course said “come on in”. Coincidentally same dr that saw me. So he set me up with a prescription. Friday morning I woke up in pain and swollen but no hives. By 10 am the hives were back and increased when I got home. Saturday same pattern and same pattern. It seems like smaller areas today but worse locations. Guess what area I found hives. Yep the lip of my vaginas entrance. How do I get to be so lucky? Without medication I get these visualizations of tearing my skin completely as opposed to very bothered and very annoyingly itchy.


Idebenone says:

In June a thread ran on vaginal and anal tearing/fissures. I read everyone’s comments. I have been suffering from vaginal tears/slices above the clitoris in the folds for years. They would last 4 days, barely heal, and then another one. I was desperate! One comment was hydrocortisone cream. I had some on hand. I tried it. It worked. It doesn’t cure it, it will still come back, but it actually closes overnight. A miracle to me. I only use it now when it feels or looks like a split is coming, and it goes away. Someone said since the hydrocortisone cream was helping, that it must be some kind of bacteria. I don’t know, but saves your suffering. TRY IT! I don’t believe mine had anything to do with lichen sclerosus, vulvar vestibulitis and all of the other ones, which scares you to death. PS The doctor doesn’t know either.

justagirl says:

I’ll give it a try

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