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When I first mentioned to my PT that I hadn’t been doing the kegel’s like I should have based on the books, I remember her comment was “Don’t bother.  Your muscles could use a loosening.” At that moment I didn’t quite catch. After the c-section, I said to her, “well the muscles didn’t get any looseing, and no kegels, no concern, right?”. It was then that I learned c-section or vaginal those issues still exist.

So another thing I’m different.  But I think I can handle this difference.  I think I can handle not worrying that laughing or a movement might cause a leak because of muscles.  Maybe this is the mix blessing.  The only uncomfortable is when someone asks, “You know what its like right? How often do you experience this problem.” I don’t know.. Lie?  And I don’t know that problem. I don’t know what to say.

That unknown response, I guess is what scares me. I fear they will see the fear or realize I’m unusual. I don’t like the idea of lying but at the same point I don’t want to address it.  But I guess I have one thing to be thankful for with this condition. I don’t have to worry about leaking as much.  So thank you pelvic floor muscles for supporting me post – pregnancy. At least you can still do your job after a baby.


{September 5, 2012}   Mixed Pos in the bag

K! Its been some time (one could say almost months) since we have had sucess under the sheets.  We had that sucess.  Not without burning sensation. I headed to the bathroom since I was taught that urninary tract infections can be caused from not going afterwards. I normally experience burning pain after sex even when things are not so painful. I did manage to go pee without any kind of pain. A little spot of blood. So I say it was a success to me.

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