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{March 19, 2012}   Physical Therapy

Post pregnancy, this year has been difficult. It has been discovering frustration with discovering that the process of getting back to the bed was harder and similar to what it was prior to success.  I’ve been making progress with my husband in that area.  The other aspect, is that I’ve had problems with anal fissures. I’ve been to the family doctor and have been doing the colase thing with not much success. On my last visit to the physical therapist I brought it up in the session.

It turns out that my pelvic floor has a part in this deal.  So she gave me exercises and then did some stretching.  She said its essentially the same thing as vaginismus. The only difference is that I’m not trying to fit something up the area, I’m trying to get something out.  The exact opposite problem.  So I need to work on creating space. 

I’ll just say there is pain in certain areas from some of the external/internal work completed on Saturday but I know that it will go away.  But ugh I hate the post discomfort.  It did feel good to know that I may be able to solve the problem so I don’t have repeat problems with fissures.



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