Buaslbutterfly’s Blog

{November 10, 2011}  

13 months after giving birth to my son, I have suceeded with help of physical therapy to get to where I was prior to becoming pregnant. I can wear a tampon, with minimal discomfort. So if I absolutely had to use one, I can do it. I still am not a 100% okay with the whole tampon thing, but I’m getting there.

I still require a very long foreplay. This is something that I know needs to change, but I’ll take the small sucesses. Having a child only makes that harder because I don’t quite have the “hour or two” that my counselor has said I should devote to that once a week. He isn’t referring to breaking the time apart, because that I could manage.

The only thing I haven’t had and have been dreading and fearing is a pap smear. I don’t why I fear it. Maybe its because I’ve had bad experiences from Obgyns who don’t understand my condition. When someone says “Just relax”. To me that shows a lack of understanding. If I could relax, i wouldn’t be having the issues. Plus I need to find one in this area. Go figures, I find an awesome OBGYN whom understands my condition. But that individual is too far away to go for a yearly or whatever appointment. So back to searching for an OBGYN.

I had a small set back with my progress, but I have returned with the same passion and goal. I can and will get to my end goal.


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