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{December 27, 2009}   Christmas wish

I got a lot to be thankful for this year. I am not cured of Vaginismus, but I am at a point that is tolerable. I hope that my next goal is achievable. My goal is for no pain during sex and no pelvic floor pain from spasms.

I still can’t believe the progress I’ve made. I scheduled a GYN appointment. I got the best Christmas gift early!


I’m calling this the “Test” Pap Smear because since I’ve had Vaginismus I’ve kind of never have had a sucessful pap smear. Seeing how I’m wearing tampons and having intercourse (while not completely pain free and not with out some control) I’m still seeing sucess. I think there is a chance I could have sucess. So my appointment is not until after the New Years, but at least I got one.

I don’t know if the GYN is knowledgable about Vaginismus or the needs of someone with Vaginismus. When I called the place, they basically said there are several doctors. I said is there any that know about Vaginismus. I figured saying something and not waiting until I was at the appointment and sitting awkwardly on the table would be better.

The lady on the phone was like Vaga-what. That was promising and she was like can you explain more. Hmm.. I always love this question. How do you give an answer without telling the whole world whom doesn’t need to know, but will get you to the end point. I’m like pelvic floor contractions (although if they know anything about vaginismus or pelvic floor muscles, I’m sure they know what I have. She’s like well that is the part of the body they are trained in.

I think it would be nice if Gynecologists office would have staff that set up appointments be nurses that have focuses in that area. That way they could maybe do a few hours on telephones and then trade it up with seeing patients in office. Or maybe that is how it works someplaces. So I got to hope that I have someone whom knows about Vaginismus and will work with me the whole way to pregnancy.

I will say finding the right person or someone trained is difficult in an area where people don’t know problems like this exists.

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