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{July 28, 2009}   Physical Therapy Session 1

The first session was an evaluation type session. The PT spent 30 minutes talking about when the problems started (or aware) and past issues that were relevant.  Then she had me do some different positions with my body.  I believe this was to check to see how I was physically.  She then showed me a model of a human pelvis and explained what muscles were causing problems.  I mentioned dilators, but she said that was an old theory that sticking dilators inside and just expanding and creating memory wouldn’t really work.  She said I need to create space because my connective tissue is so tight from things that happened to me when I was younger.  She said it was my bodies natural defense system.  She then said she would work on exercises to create space and loosen tissue to soften things and eventually I maybe could look into dilators.

I had the option of my husband being involved or not.  Since the ultimate goal is my ability to have sex with him.  I said I would include him in the whole process.  I was given a couple individual homework exercises (breathing and clocks).  My husband has to stretch my muscles in my legs and stomach to create space.  She did an internal exam which was very painful to say the least, but I did make some discoveries that I wasn’t aware of.  My second appointment is until next Saturday.

My husband has already done the homework assignment with me.  It is painful and on top of the pain during the exercise, I think I may be getting bruised doing the exercise.  I think I need to have him lighten his pushing on my abdomen.

I also found out that my anxiety level and discomfort level is the same for an internal exam as telling about my past.  I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised, but I was.


I have struggled with Vaginismus for 8+ years. The length of my marriage. I too am so thankful for an understanding husband…someone who realizes there is more to a loving relationship than sex.

Your post surprises me as I’ve always heard about dilators being the end all be all. I tried dilators years ago with no results. But my Vag is not as severe as yours…I can have intercourse…but with much pain. And even though my doctors have known about this condition I’ve never been referred to a PT just yet. Although I am strongly considering it. I’m interested to find out the process your PT uses.

buaslbutterfly says:

Yeah. This is quite different, but someone on the Vaginismus Support Group said that I have a good Physical Therapist. She said that what she is working with now should help me in the future with dilators, but it sounded like the dilators maybe a non issue. Probably more a mental reassurance that I can insert things of various sizes without pain.

Due to my past, my muscles are very tense. I’m pretty much tense all over.

womentc says:

I invite you read the following information about vaginismus, and feel free to discuss with your clinician.
Dr. Katz

i just found a physical therapist about an hour away. i’m going to call to see if they accept my insurance and see what my dr says about it. im actually kind of excited about it.

it too am always tense…i cant even touch my knees without any kind of muscle pain…ugh.

buaslbutterfly says:

Mine isn’t taking the insurance. Hopefully yours does. Make sure that the individual is someone your comfortable with and someone whom is knows about vaginismus. Your taking the first step and for me it was the hardest step, but I”m glad I’ve done that!! You can do it. Let me know how it goes!

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