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{July 15, 2009}   Appointment set up

I have an appointment with a physical therapist in Bucks County. It isn’t close to home, but it is my only choice.  Not only has Vaginismus destroyed any kind of healthy and normal sex life (on top of my own intimacy issues), it has brought physical pelvic pain through out the day.  Now that I understand how connected the pain I’ve been experiencing is to the pelvic floor muscles, I know that the importance of getting a PT and over it is even more important. 

I am now going to begin the process of getting myself ready to mentally and physcially be able to handle the appointment. It is a female and someone whom was recommended through the online support group I’m in.  I’m soo thrilled and nervous.  I actually cried tears of happiness and nerves for various reasons.  I took a step toward getting over this.  I found someone and someone that sounds like they might be my answer.

I have nerves and energy running all over.


Kimberly says:

Yeah!! Good for you in setting up your appointment and being able to find a PT. It took me over a year to schedule my first appointment because I was so scared. Now I wish I would have done it way earlier. Try to keep in mind that they work with these type of issues all the time and are SO much more understanding and knowledgeable than doctors are. Plus you’re not rushed like you would be in a normal appointment. I shook through my first whole appointment and she didn’t even try to examine me, she just wanted to talk and show me some back and leg stretches. We took it very slow and built up trust, which was huge. Good luck with your appointment!!

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