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{May 19, 2009}   The Dance of the Dilators

I had to title this dance of the dilators in response to a comment left on the blog, because it is a dance.  It is a dizzying and confusing dance that makes me tired and frustrated.  I am still trying to get the first dilator in.  I am seeing very little progress in that area, but I will admit work has my attention.  I often find that I go through stages.  I will attend to the Yahoo Support Group and website information on a daily basis. Good news will give me a swing to want me to fix my own problems. I will pull out my box of dilators and become determined to get myself in the right path.  I will make progress slowly, but progress and I will be thrilled.  Things may go well for a time and then I find something goes wrong.  Life becomes the leader in my progress and I find myself stepping backwards in the progress.  Then I become frustrated, and in the past that would have meant put the box back into the closet and sulk in some corner.

I’m not putting that box away now.  I am just going to have to go through this partner dance, until I have the lead again.


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